The Poison Martini Mix – Alternatives to Six Ingredients to Avoid the Total Decay of the USA by Richard G. Lazar PhD

I implore the people who never asked me for my opinion, or never read me, and those who never invited me to dinner.

        Mix these together anyway:

  1. Ignorance-and-Apathy. Together they mean, “I don’t know and I don’t care” . . . but I do have a strong opinion anyway.” When there are two vehemently opposing opinions, “a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still” (source unknown).

This produces more confidence in opinions coupled with more ignorance and more apathy. Nonetheless it has become a modern-day absolutism. It is found in an admission made to me not too long ago by a prominent, and intentionally unnamed economist, about the work of economists. He said, “We are often wrong yet always confident.” Economists demonstrate no doubt, even though they do have doubts. They continue to confidently spout their opinions because large corporations, TV and print media pay them as “prophets” despite their lack of accurate track records. Then Ignorance-and-Apathy find many soul mates among those among our populace who seek simple answers to support their own deeply embedded “opinions.”

       Alternative 1: Learner-Builders . . . respect them and heed them. They apply “and-thinking” not “or-thinking” to solve our nation’s problems. They work to fight off the cynics and the, “No you can’t-ers.” Learner-Builders can achieve worthwhile goals for most, if not all of us, in OUR USA. They can and often do change our opinions with their superior performance . . . not just their opinions.

  1. Add lots of big money producing lots of access for the very wealthy and their lobbyists. Shake the shaker and you have 1% in clover and 99% in the gutter and washed into the vortex of sustained decay!

Alternative 2: Repair the choke hold on the USA by the entire Finance-Wall Street-No Regulation mindset. End their reign and prevent another worldwide screw-up.

  1. Add to the martini, the amazing amount of unemployed, the phenomenally increasing poverty rate, insufficient funds for education and basic living, along with suicides and homelessness among our veterans and those who have never had a part in the “recovery,” a pervasive amount of fear, sorrow, pain and hopelessness in a once strong middle-class. Federal and state budgets get cut for vitally needed services and education by callous and “confident” elected officials.

This once great nation never had governments that abandoned the people the way it does now. By not setting higher tax rates on the wealthiest among us in order to collect the revenue needed, the result is a delay in any true recovery back to the future that we older people struggled to achieve for our children’s future.

Alternative 3: Get those who signed the pledge of “no more taxes” to recant or resign. Then do Good, Right, Helpful and Better for all . . . not just their like-thinking opinion base.

  1. Now just for flavor, stir in a large amount of institutionalized racism, embedded anger and hostility in and among Caucasian, African-American and Latino communities.

Alternative 4: Find Leaders who have a track record of serving all — not just their base — and elect them.

  1. Pour into this imaginary martini, some gunpowder and chemicals for terrorists to build bombs from the many weapons of violence and destruction that are the major products of the USA for sale here and to anyone else. Know and understand that all nations on the UN Security Council produce and sell weapons to virtually anyone who can pay for it. Most of these procurers become terrorists even if they have to borrow the money. This of course is profitable for the banks all around the world.

Alternative 5: A Sustainable Policy of Peace and Neutrality — no war no more! China has done this for the past 40 years and profited substantially by this policy and practice. Everyone and every nation could do it.

  1. Add to the drink a smidgen of erosion of all natural resources and assets: the air, the sea, the rivers, the lakes, the mountains, the plains, the oil, the animal, plant life and the bees. Then just for the hell of it surprise your guests with a dose of climate change. Just a little will do. Stir once again.

Alternative 6: Step back and know that if you support the above answers, you are on the right track to being a Decent-Human-Being (DHB). Practice it and not the diametric opposite.

Shake again, pour, take a sip and look over the rim of your glass to find courageous elected leaders working to achieve the higher good for all. No one in sight? What a damn shame!

The full solution is found in the answer to the following question:

       “What is the Missing Ingredient?”

I know this one, based upon proven success. What’s missing is Human Love. Loving thy neighbor as thyself in practice not just word. That’s it. Remember where you heard it? It’s not too late. In fact let’s love ourselves properly and more in order to have the love necessary to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Love ourselves as God loves us — each and every one of us as beloved children of the Divine parent. Build our personal power to practice this human love that I describe here and that I used during my career with clients all over the world. I call it CRAVE-U. It is Caring, Respecting, Accepting, Valuing, Encouraging and Understanding. Does it make sense that we do not love each other anywhere near enough? I offer one more observation. Too many of us humans lack the character that comes with Doing Good for other people, Doing Right for other people, Doing Helpful for other people and Doing Better for other people. These important ingredients are not permanently lost. They can be relearned or newly learned and then faithfully practiced. So let’s do that.

There were many rich people and oligarchs who did treat people with love, like the emperor, Marcus Aurelius, and Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt.

Join me in spending the rest of our lives achieving the worthwhile goal of the Missing Ingredient, Human Love. Rich and poor, winners and losers can find themselves either mixing the drinks that taste delicious or for a time — the poisonous elixirs.

Pour the poison down the drain and reach for the true refreshment of Human Love in Action.

       It Really Couldn’t Hurt… It Really Would Help Everyone!

I invite the unsatisfied financial wizards who know how much damage you have done to take heed, to get outside yourself and serve the majority of Americans who want a job and a chance to raise their families to become Learner-Builders for the good of all. Yes, poor people, middle class people, immigrants, all have provided children and grandchildren to our society who have used their skills to make your life and your predecessor’s lives so successful that you are now benefiting beyond measure. Today many, too many, don’t benefit at all. Let’s all of you help them get on their feet. It’s all about choices friends. As long as you have breath, it is never too late to do the right thing. Any legacy that you leave will be based upon — and you will be judged by — the Good, Right, Helpful and Better acts you actually did for other people to prove to God that you made something good out of your life because you won the prize of life. You thought of yourselves as chosen people. Each of us who lives is one of God’s chosen people, chosen to live and then go on and leave a legacy of love and character.

Total decay is in view. Regain your senses or acquire them now. You don’t even have to invite me to dinner.


-Australian Aboriginal proverb


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