Thanksgiving Time 2015 – Sorrow and Inspiration

The loss of beloved friends has dramatically increased in this past year. The sadness and pain have been heavy. Perhaps there is an eternal lesson from the universe. That lesson seems to be, “Hurry up dear mortals. Do the work required to love your neighbor and yourself now, no matter what your age, in the brief lifetime that we all have. This means, get into it no matter how old you are.”

 The Inspiration Part

Is this a lesson of optimism or pessimism? The answer to this question is another question. Does it matter? I hear the angel words: repair, restore, renew. I also hear the word improve. Improvement requires listening to achieve the best outcomes. That is what really does matter.

Thanksgiving Today and Forever

Today it seems that Thanksgiving has most of us feeling grateful for what we have. That is the thanks part of Thanksgiving. Most of us forget the second part — giving more of ourselves to others on this planet.

Thanksgiving Forever

It is not just giving thanks to God. It is also imperative that we give and improve in giving our love to others and to all the parts of our existence. That means humans, animals, forests, rivers, oceans, lakes and the earth and the air we breathe. Of course, the bounty that we were born into requires that we be good stewards, to nurture and sustain the bounty for generations to come. It includes helping the impoverished, the weak, and all who scream out to those of us who are more fortunate, “We need your love and Thanks-giving now and forever.”


Pope Francis’ clear thinking and prayerful conduct to change behaviors that are not Good, Right, Helpful, and Better for mankind, now and forever.

Pope Francis’ clear thinking and prayerful conduct to change behaviors that are not Good, Right, Helpful, and Better for mankind, now and forever. 


Where Psychology, Quantum Physics and Metaphysics Intersect

Clear thinking makes the old new. As long as we draw breath, memories of good, right, helpful and better strengthen and sustain our clear thinking about why we are here. It usually makes us feel good now and forever.

This is the jump-off point to accept, and believe in, and work for, in our lifetime. It can be stated this way. Memories transcend time. The more good, right, helpful and better memories we have of our actions made in the best interests of all God’s infinite manifestations, the more likely those memories will become living waters of thought in the lives of future generations. Acting as stewards for good improves the likelihood that the violence and hostility perpetrated by so many, upon so many, around the planet will cease because of the transmission of strong, positive memories.

Betting on clear thinking in our reality is worth it. Devoting one’s life to achieving outcomes that are good, right, helpful and better for all will have more payoff for this planet than its diametrical opposite: bad, wrong, hurtful and worse behaviors.



We have been blessed. Let’s keep the blessing going now and in the universe to come.



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