Gratitude and No Regrets Thanksgiving 2016

Build Character To Achieve No Regrets

As long as we live, each of us, it’s never too late to do the right thing. As one gets as old and ripe as I am, we, speaking for everyone who got here along with me, worked hard not to have regrets when we are gone. I kind of start with the idea of doing more good things, right things, helpful things and better things in everything we do. My concept of Character is doing and being good, right, helpful and better. The opposite is doing and being bad, wrong, hurtful and worse. Most of the time we know inside us the difference between the best ways and the worst ways and some do the worst anyway.

Consider this. Everyone’s lifetime comes with an expiration date. However, life does not come with the month and year of expiration neatly provided on a label, as on a bottle of Sam Adams beer. Achieving a legacy of being a decent human being with Character is important. If you don’t agree, skip the rest of this.

I became somewhat famous for asking thousands of people this question:

“Can good people do bad things and bad people do good things?” I say yes. What do you say?

Now I have a new question:

“Can each of us old or young coach, teach and lead others to do more good than bad for all others who do not think our way?” I say yes.

Common Purpose

Now, in November 2016, at Thanksgiving it is a chance of a lifetime for Americans in this divided nation to be both grateful for what we have and to work to achieve a common goal of adequate income for everyone wherever we live in our city, state, and our nation. We all need to renew our strength of purpose to love our neighbor as ourselves. Those of the older generation who had a grateful life of income and financial achievement need to lead the way. Those seniors who have built Character want to help but will not be here very long to help. Get what you can from us now.

Our country still has an economy that has for many years now had too many people without good paychecks and no help in sight. For far too long they have been feelingA mad, scared, sad and bad. This must be resolved peacefully and now. Each of us can contribute in some way to improve the lives of those around us. Pray, volunteer, contribute money or resources, support advocacy for unity groups. Come together in creative ways to heal breaches and work for deeper understanding of needs and wants of others. Assure a common purpose with love for our fellow citizens.

I hope and expect that our elected leaders will create the environment and the laws necessary to achieve this income adequacy for all not just the few. The few that I refer to are those prosperous Americans who have disillusioned and disappointed, nearly 80-90% of our country. They comprise many who believed that a trickle down economy would provide adequate jobs and income for all. This failed miserably. That philosophy justified personal greed, acquisition, tax avoidance, and outsourcing while the rest of Americans have suffered greatly for far too long.

A Solid Legacy Before Expiration Date 

Now 83, I encourage everyone younger than I am to continuously work as hard as they can in their work-life and family life to achieve and innovate new and better ways that create and produce competitive products here at home in the U.S. and for sale in the worldwide marketplace. It is up to all of us to help peers and young ones be grateful and happy that we wise elders passed this way. Some of us prevailed, not without struggle and strife and detractors trying to stop us. It is never too late.

I contend that the more good, right, helpful and better we do for others before our own expiration date, the shorter our list of regrets will be at the end. I hope each of you will consider this a challenge to find your own special ways, that are as special and unique as you are, to move onwards in your life journey and leave a worthy legacy.

Draw on your God given gifts and express your gratitude with achievements, dedicated to a higher purpose. God has blessed us and will always provide the means and opportunities for us to realize those blessings in peace, prosperity and love.


Lazar Achievement Psychology
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