Ground-Rules for Living in TrumpWorld and Beyond

These ground-rules are intended for people of ages 35 to 90. Others of other ages may also find value. They are not intended for people of any specific political identities. I think these are times for people who have tasted and tested life and have kind of lost their compass. I run into many people who get “stuck” in deep yogurt. So extricate yourself from deep yogurt on to high ground.

Hopefully these ground-rules will uplift others who find them helpful, as I have myself, and to the people with whom I have shared them privately.

1. Be a realist, not a defeatist. Be and do whatever you can.

2. If once you were an achiever despite detractors and now you are no longer young, do what you can. Don’t walk into battles that you are not young enough and strong enough to win at this stage in life.

3. Be aware, yet do not “linger,” on painful and depressing thoughts. Don’t do it to yourself. (How expressing feelings and emotions reduces your stress . . . read more)

4. When criticizing the Character of others, first examine yourself and make needed improvements. Also, you can’t love your neighbor unless you love yourself first. (How Character effects everything . . . read more)

5. Guide the young achievers to become Decent Human Beings (DHBs). Do what you can to get them educated to be men and women of noble Character.

6. Transform your anger or depressing feelings into faith, trust and confidence in the younger achievers.

7. Find the joy . . . not the guilt . . . of now not being able to do what you could do years ago. Praise others fearlessly. Laugh out loud shamelessly. (How to immerse yourself in fun and joy . . . read more)

8. Linger on Living, Learning, Laughing, Loving, and Leaving this earth with a Legacy of Character…

Richard G. Lazar PhD       June, 2017


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