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What is This Blog All About?

Richard G. Lazar, PhD
I’m writing this blog as an oral history through written products. At 79, I am long past the time when I was sought to teach, train and speak to groups with the gratifying attention that I now relish and miss. At the urging of my precious muse and wife and partner for life, I turned to writing e-books, columns and blogs. So in the first person, this new blog is my personal way of hoping and praying that the lessons I have learned and taught can still be of value to those who read and value this blog.

I will take you on a journey from 1933 to the present as I experienced it all in my life and work around the globe. So it is all oral history presented through my writings. How?

Through my own Achievement of worthwhile goals in Living, Loving, Learning, Laughing and finally preparing to leave this plane by Leaving a Legacy of Character to my heirs and successors on planet Earth. We all have Worthwhile Goals in us (even the aged) and we all have Heirs and Successors (even the young).

I will highlight my accomplishments and failures by contrasting what does seem to work and what doesn’t so you can choose the best way. It is called Lazar Achievement Psychology for people who want to be managers and leaders in all phases of life. Peace, Progress and Profit for all are attainable goals.

I have lived through the Great Depression, recessions and wars. My family was very poor. I started to work for money at age eight. With lessons learned from great leaders, I have pioneered innovative and mind altering concepts and skills and have demonstrated formidable results. Not without the inevitable detractors. It is all based upon research and the achievements of Achievers including my own, in many segments of our society. For example I explain how to build new industries and produce millions of jobs. In The New American Leadership System ™ Mobile e-Learning, and other publications cited here, I provide concepts and skills on how to manage and lead to secure this economic success. Similarly I describe how these concepts and skills of love and character can and should be applied at work, at home, and in improving communities and our nation.

I appreciate each and every one of you who follows me and you can read my short bio here.