Carôn Caswell Lazar

President of The Lazar Group, Incorporated
Co-Director of The Lazar Character Academy

Caron Caswell Lazar
Carôn Lazar is president and a senior partner of The Lazar Group, Inc., a corporation dedicated to leading educational, community and corporate environments in character building, betterment, strengthening and enrichment through their unique, online version of The New American Leadership System™—a systematic course in Character-Based leadership and management and through educational and corporate publishing, coaching, consulting and training. She has primary responsibility for all operations, financial management, contracts, project administration, and international business. In 2000 she and her husband-partner formed The Lazar Character Academy.

Mrs. Lazar is also responsible for conducting our Cross-Cultural Training, Women’s Management Training, Managing Diversity and Goals Alignment programs. She joined The Lazar Group after a successful career as part of the senior management team of New York Graphic Society, a leading international fine arts publishing house.

She has taught interdisciplinary studies accredited in the International Baccalaureate program and has extensive experience in writing educational programs. Her book, A Biographical Guide to Major Artists, was published in 1983 and was the first book to incorporate African- American, Hispanic and women artists in their historic perspective and has been used in many university arts education programs. In 2000 Mrs. Lazar and her husband wrote the first book on character education in the country using art, classics, culture and skills.

She has traveled, studied and lived extensively in the third world and this experience has helped our multi-national clients in understanding and helping them manage diverse workforces. Mrs. Lazar has also been a chaplain working within state and federal penal systems.

She is the founder, author and publisher of Museographs, an interdisciplinary monographic series focusing on world culture and history. In the fall of 2000 Mrs. Lazar was asked to write a book focusing on character with her interdisciplinary and world culture approach by an arm of the State of Georgia Department of Education. She agreed and asked that her husband-partner join her in the effort and included his New American Leadership™ concepts and skills. Together they wrote Character Education through Art, Classics, and Culture with a Character Skills Manual for All Ages and its associated Teacher’s Guide.

Mrs. Lazar began her career in 1971 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. During her career she has studied art, created art, sold art, helped to plan and build two repositories of art, written humanities-based programs, published art, designed art catalogues and installations, in addition to founding Museographs and proving herself a formidable business person. She also heads the Lazars’ design business that specializes in museum work.

She has served on the boards of museums, acted as a guest curator, and has been actively engaged in fund raising for a number of charities. Her approach to fundraising has always been creative, and resulted in noted success. Several of her ideas have directly resulted in raising six figures several times over on a single evening to the benefit of community college scholarship programs.

She has been trained by Dr. Lazar in his concepts and skills and has since co-trained extensively in their New American Leadership System™.

She delivers staff-development workshops and to speak on a wide variety of subjects including storytelling.