Richard G. Lazar, PhD

Richard G. Lazar, PhDSo, I am an authority on Organizational Leadership, a Futurist in Behavioral Economics, a formidable Peacemaker and a Humorologist.

I am:

  • Founder of Achievement Psychology for Managers and Leaders
  • Developed The New American Leadership System™ (that under my partner-wife’s hand has recently been turned into a sophisticated Mobile e-Learning System for total enterprises)
  • Developer of Behavioral Organizational Analytics
  • Prolific Author
  • Teacher and Character-Coach
  • Blogger
  • A Decent-Human-Being (or as I say a DHB)

In my lifetime I have:

  • Helped enterprises around the world make billions (yes, that is a B) of dollars
  • Helped other enterprises the world over save millions of dollars (maybe not as big as a Billions but still who shrugs at Millions?)
  • Been a formidable problem solver
  • Have reduced major conflicts
  • Ensured the continuity of enterprises for all stakeholders
  • Been both elected and appointed leader of many organizations

Long retired I now focus on:

  • Lazar Achievement Psychology to assure achievement while reducing and eliminating entrenched Survive and Endure mentalities in organization cultures and the personal and work lives of individuals

Need to know more? Please feel free to read both my own and my wife’s expanded bios!