The Best Life You Can Live. How Can We Do It? What’s At The End?

The best life is the one that you lead by demonstrating the concept of love one another for real. You live it through your thoughts, decisions and actions. Then at the end, you will have achieved and you will have left a legacy of being the architect of the best life . . . until you get through to … [Read more...]

Honor A Hero to the 9/11 Heroes – Father Kevin Madigan: His Wisdom from 9/11 For Those Effected by Our Hurricane Catastrophes Today

Historical Roots and Leadership There is a church, built in 1785, St. Peter’s Church in New York City. It is less than one block away from the site of the World Trade Center. It is the oldest Catholic Church in New York State. It is still beautiful, even after 9/11, and is considered one of the … [Read more...]

Why Good Regulations Make for Good Banking – In My Humble Opinion

Just like the next financial disaster  No One Asked Me – I Just Hope Some Wise Person Will See Something Here Once upon a time there was really terrific banking system that got screwed up. By relaxing high standards and deregulation, banks were allowed to do stupid things that led to the … [Read more...]