Reading and generating funny jokes and stories to express your own joyful feelings, to bring those feelings out in others, and to heal yourself and others.

Behavior that Shows Guilt — Reciprocity?

I am a psychologist who spent my professional life teaching MBA courses, training in Fortune 500 companies and writing about Organizational Behavior of leaders and managers. I have worked for Republican and Democrat governors and many government departments with both majorities in office in more … [Read more...]

From Nothing To Something

My wife and I   When I was young I thought I was nothing special. Later I knew I was something. Now my wife just told me, “You’re something alright, you’re something else” —True story   … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Time 2015 – Sorrow and Inspiration

The loss of beloved friends has dramatically increased in this past year. The sadness and pain have been heavy. Perhaps there is an eternal lesson from the universe. That lesson seems to be, “Hurry up dear mortals. Do the work required to love your neighbor and yourself now, no matter what your age, … [Read more...]