Your own Legacy of Character to heirs, successors, relatives, friends and colleagues and finally preparing to depart the earth with peace and dignity.

Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day is a day we set aside to remember the fallen, the men and woman who served in the military. Sometimes we blend in “thank you for your service” to living active service members and veterans as well. Most of us recall to our memorial, members of our family who died in service to our … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Time 2015 – Sorrow and Inspiration

The loss of beloved friends has dramatically increased in this past year. The sadness and pain have been heavy. Perhaps there is an eternal lesson from the universe. That lesson seems to be, “Hurry up dear mortals. Do the work required to love your neighbor and yourself now, no matter what your age, … [Read more...]

The Pope And Me – Lessons For All Time For All Of Us

  Lazar Achievement Psychology - Proven Lessons  Today it is far too painful and sad to see how the accumulation of massive income outweighs the strong and Decent-Human-Being (DHB). Our nation has many problems. We always had lots of problems. The people who look upon these problems … [Read more...]