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Behavior that Shows Guilt — Reciprocity?

I am a psychologist who spent my professional life teaching MBA courses, training in Fortune 500 companies and writing about Organizational Behavior of leaders and managers. I have worked for Republican and Democrat governors and many government departments with both majorities in office in more … [Read more...]

Ground-Rules for Living in TrumpWorld and Beyond

These ground-rules are intended for people of ages 35 to 90. Others of other ages may also find value. They are not intended for people of any specific political identities. I think these are times for people who have tasted and tested life and have kind of lost their compass. I run into many people … [Read more...]

Easter 2017: A New Chance For Neutrality, Peaceful Progress, and Prosperity

(Spike is my old gang name - RGL) We Need A Plan I have sought peace and harmony by discussing subjects that some say you should never talk about . . . religion and politics. I do understand why they say this. However, I find enlightenment in diversity and in conflicting views. I truly wish … [Read more...]