Why Good Regulations Make for Good Banking – In My Humble Opinion

Just like the next financial disaster  No One Asked Me – I Just Hope Some Wise Person Will See Something Here Once upon a time there was really terrific banking system that got screwed up. By relaxing high standards and deregulation, banks were allowed to do stupid things that led to the … [Read more...]

The Poison Martini Mix – Alternatives to Six Ingredients to Avoid the Total Decay of the USA by Richard G. Lazar PhD

I implore the people who never asked me for my opinion, or never read me, and those who never invited me to dinner.         Mix these together anyway: Ignorance-and-Apathy. Together they mean, “I don’t know and I don’t care” . . . but I do have a strong opinion anyway.” When there are two … [Read more...]

Achieve The Best Forgiveness Skill – On This Earth By Richard G. Lazar, PhD

  Hardly Ever Used, Yet Vital   I am referring to asking forgiveness for your own behavior or lack thereof, even if you are a decent human being (DHB). I am also categorically saying that it is important… more important than you think, to get that forgiveness as soon as humanly possible. … [Read more...]