Control Your Own Improvement With Lazar Achievement Psychology by Richard G. Lazar, PhD

Can You Control Your Temper? Can You Control Your Negativity? Can You Control Hurting People’s Feelings?   My First Insight To Good and Right There was a time when I used to think that being funny was to find fault and to ‘joke’ about people’s short-suits directly to them as they … [Read more...]

Drafted Veterans Also Made a Difference—Veteran’s Day by Richard G. Lazar, PhD

In a Nutshell I was effected forever by a man who I met just once, and for only a few minutes. This man was Major General Holger N. Toftoy. It was in 1958. I was drafted into the Army and stationed at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. He was the Commanding General of the post. At his death in 1967, his … [Read more...]