New American Leadership System™

New American Leadership System


What is it All About?

The New American Leadership System™, also known as NALS™, has been specially designed for the Decent-Human-Being CEO of any enterprise that plans to be in and stay in the business of producing great products and services. This unique leadership and management system is designed to instill Human Love and Character into the fiber of all stakeholders, leaders, managers, and associates including board members, in order to attain new revenue, greater market share, innovation and invention, high cost savings, and increased profit for the enterprise.

Formerly this complete system of management and leadership was available only through enterprise management classroom training and in select university graduate programs. Now, for the first time, NALS™ has been designed for the 21st century and beyond. It has been transformed into a fully cohesive and cost effective on demand, e-learning course and is more effective than classroom learning alone.

What Concepts and Skills?

Human Love and High Character are the foundations. Human Love is not “touchy feely.” It is Caring, Respecting, Accepting, Valuing, Encouraging and Understanding people to build the Zone of Commitment to all leaders and managers in the enterprise.

Character-Coaching is taught to secure the Good, the Right, the Helpful and the Better ways of High Character to achieve peak performance and to do business in the enterprise.

Components of NALS™ include:

  • Ten Interpersonal Communication Skills (NOT JUST technical skills)
  • Win+Win Conflict Resolution Skills with our unique problem-resolution techniques
    including Escalation-For-Help-Together
  • Ten Factors for the Leaders of Team Excellence™
  • Six Principles of Leadership
  • Ten Qualities of Leaders
  • One Management Philosophy
  • One Management Credo
  • Management Ownership and Commitment (NOT rationalizations and excuses)
  • The Personal Victory Process™
  • Stress Management and Mastery
  • Business Common Sense
  • Character and Ethics (they are measurable and improvable!)
  • How to Get Products and Services out the door to customers and partners with high quality and profit for all stakeholders
  • The proven revenue enhancing NALS Olympic Sales Process™ for sales, service and development
  • How to Restore Capitalism within the USA
  • The NALS™ 27 Human and Organizational Analytics are accurate predictors of human behavior to measure, improve and re-measure for success.
  • The Manager Identification and Selection Technique™ to bring in the best managers NALS™ analytics provide instant, personal measurement and feedback to learners. They help to produce an enterprise-wide culture of enthusiasm, inspiration and enjoyment that leads to profit enhancement built on employee and customer delight.

All this and more and all to be learned and mastered by everyone in the enterprise’s family—not by just a special few.

Can it Be Done?

It has been done. Take a look at the NALS™ Track Record and Testimonials included with this summary. You’ll see how NALS™ has contributed to success stories of enterprises in virtually every sector including major banks, many technology companies including IBM over ten years, in federal government agencies, financial services, in successful startups that have been sustained, where most fail, and law enforcement agencies, etc. All by implementing NALS™ from the top down and through the enterprise.

Very special companies such as SAS, Nucor Steel and Amazon have continuously accomplished the same types of successes using the dynamic nature of their Decent-Human-Being CEOs . . . even without NALS™ per se, but they all used similar foundations of love and character to achieve ongoing growth. These are the proven and successful behaviors of the greatest leaders including the Roman emperor Marcus Auerelius, Boston Celtics super-coach Red Auerbach, and for the last 36-years Dr. Jim and Ann Goodnight of SAS.

Acquire New American Leadership System™ Enterprise-wide Mobile Learning

  • For All Stakeholders

Enterprises with between 1,000 and 50,000 employee-stakeholders including those remotely located around the world can master the NALS™ concepts and skills at a permanent lease price of $300.00 per person. All stakeholders are required to learn and implement the NALS™ common language and management practices which can be done at their own pace. They get to use NALS™ in their work life at the enterprise and at home and in their communities because they will find that they really love learning and find that the concepts and skills are life enhancing.

Build your enterprise and watch it reach its maximum potential using the New American Leadership System™. Now available through a permanent lease, you can use it and adapt it to meet your enterprise’s particular needs and culture.

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