Achievements With NALS™

New American Leadership System

The Track Record of New American Leadership System™

Select Examples of Track Record:

  • NALS™ produced new products and renewed product builders that made millions of dollars for a major computer company for a computer chip that became state-of-the-art for 10 years.
  • NALS™ improved the worst measured branch of 1,700 people in a telecommunications company to the best performing unit in the company. Saved $35 million and 1,700 jobs and prevented the closing of the unit.
  • NALS™ cleaned up the Arkansas River through participative planning, costing and executing the first of its kind. Saved millions of dollars and added revenue to both the internationally known polluter and the state by transforming waste products and pollution into fertilizer that sold to other countries. Taxes benefited Arkansas. It became a Harvard Business Review study.
  • NALS™ built sales, systems and services function of an international computer company across Canada to go from the worst rated country in the company to the best performer in the world. Saved and made $20 million in one year and much more in later years.
  • NALS™ improved the worst performing quality function of a computer company into the finest in-house unit. Resulted in increased sales and better service.
  • NALS™ improved a bank rated as the worst bank in the history of the nation to be the best in the nation. Saved the bank, its jobs and reputation. Saved billions of dollars and enabled the bank to sustain a large market share and revenues for the parent corporation.
  • NALS™ insured the viability and survival of an international computer company doing business in Latin America by increasing the sales and revenue by $60 million in one year.
  • Coached and trained managers in NALS™ in the earliest startups in genetic engineering, chemical engineering and supply chain software and services. These have served and thrived for 30 years. Also created many millionaires who used the skills of The New American Leadership System™ and they subsequently trained others in their organizations.
  • IBM senior management “required” that their partner and vendor, an American company that built the machines that built chips for IBM, adopt and use NALS™ to improve their “ownership” of IBM’s needs including delivery of better machines and customer service or they would buy Japanese chip-making machines. This kept billions of dollars in the USA and thousands of jobs for Americans for 30 years.
  • Used NALS™ to develop improved Quality into the Architecture, Design, Development, Test and Integration, Customer Service and Manufacture of large computers. This model was sustained for 30+ years and saved billions in speed and efficiency. Saved multi-millions of dollars with higher standards of quality.
  • NALS™ was employed with all 30 ministers and presidents in a religiously oriented university system the USA to help them implement certain love and conflict management practices within and between each. One result, some years later, was the resolution of a 500-year-old conflict between that and another major religion.
  • Streamlined the development process for design, development, test and quality control prior to manufacture by dramatically changing the process to save money and time to market of software and hardware in a computer company. Resulted in billions of dollars saved and earned over twenty-five years.


Highest Order Benefits for Institutionalizing NALS™ in an Enterprise

  1. Proposes Eight Major Management Practices, when authorized by senior management, are ensured through NALS™ (see SIG + SIP).
  2. Directly connected to senior management’s goals and changing situations.
  3. Adaptable over time to meet the core needs of the enterprise.
  4. Has High ROI.
  5. Makes more money and saves more money and turns out more quality in product and service than any other system of leadership and management.