Advantages of Mobile Learning

New American Leadership System

Advantages of NALS™ Mobile-Learning and Blended Learning versus Classroom Training

  1. Available and Accessible at any hour at any time on computers and most devices
  2. Perfect for Today and Beyond when targeted directly to the achievement of goals and plans of the enterprise
  3. At the Learner’s Own Rate and personal attention span
  4. Never Embarrassing. Enables Replay – Until – You – Get it
  5. Increased Likelihood of Truthful Self-Assessment and Measurement for improvement in the privacy of the Mobile-Learning method
  6. Consistency across remote locations of the enterprise—globally
  7. Far Less Expensive to the enterprise in direct costs and in lost productivity
  8. No Variability Amongst Trainers in getting senior management practices and culture and values “down” for all to see and practice
  9. Eliminates “Cherry-Picking” of parts of the course material that appeal to the individual learner and exclude the learning of the entire course content
  10. Showboating and Bluster of Peers Never Distracts the Learner. Both the show-boater and the quiet individual are required to master the material through performance
  11. Allows for Face-to-Face classroom learning and for inter-active decision-making
  12. The Common Language that constitutes the material, the proven success material, is required and practiced daily by everyone in the enterprise everywhere.
  13. Daily Practice by the Entire Enterprise of the Common Language via Concepts and Skills Assures Achievement among all stakeholders.
  14. Mergers and Acquisitions by the enterprise can facilitate successful transition to effective management and leadership
  15. Updating and Modifying Occurs Systematically and Inexpensively and meets numbers 1 –14 above

Cautions To Enterprises and Professional Associations

  1. Never use untried and unproven content material
    • Do use course content for management and leadership that blends as an integrated system and has been utilized in MBA programs and in corporate and product–driven enterprises for years of paid–for management and leadership training
  2. Always utilize professional consultants and trainers who actually know and are willing to admit their shortcomings in classrooms (as mentioned above)
  3. Never purchase or lease anything for the magical allure of the technical device alone.
  4. Acquire self–contained Mobile-Learning and Blended Learning systems that have these educationally sound capabilities: auditory and visual and anecdotal and self measurement materials developed by experienced professionals / educators
  5. Above all, Enterprise–wide requirement to learn and practice and character–coaching are essential. Otherwise, a low cost, high ROI program can sooner or later be trashed in favor of the next program du jour
  6. Reinforcement and strengthening are provided through relevant case studies and follow up including technology like Skype, webinars, management letters and recognition, and reward systems.
  7. Do not accept anything, including The New American Leadership System™, that is not checked out to satisfy all of the above.