Innovations from NALS™

New American Leadership System


Innovations from NALS™ in Practice Over 30 Years

Now Embedded in the Mobile Learning Course

Organization and Leadership Behavior Analytics
Actionable Intelligence: Measurements and Predictors More Reliable and Valid than Any Others

The Foundation of the NALS Unique Capability is:

  1. Reliance on Past Behavior and
  2. Assessment of Current Behavior and
  3. Prediction of Future Behavior and
  4. Character–Coaching to Guide and Change Behavior

Single Predictors and Indicators such as:

  • Product Readiness for Market and Manufacture: a proven predictor
  • Selection of the Best Candidates for Key Jobs: Identification and Selection of the Highest Potential Person from non-management positions into management positions. A promote- from within predictor. This is a systematic process that accurately predicts the likeliness of success in the new job.
  • Trust and confidence in management
  • The absence of Loop 4: the extent of bad mouthing and character assassination that can improve profitability as much as 60 to 90%)
  • Decision making as key predictor to the Process of Excellence™ in building products and services with quality
  • The level of Love (CRAVE—U™ = Care Respect Accept Value Encourage – Understand) in working relationships
  • Task the level of Mutual Openness in communication upward in the enterprise.

Management and Leadership Quality Predictors:

  • Business Results such as Income/Expense ratio
  • Actionable intelligence on Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, quality of product and service, ethics.
  • Conflicts and disagreements resolved and not ignored
  • Levels of Team Excellence as practiced by leaders and managers
  • Levels of Employee Potential and Personal Productivity developed by managers
  • Levels of Personal Victory Process versus Procrastination, decay or Resurgence
  • Levels of Stress and the expression of feelings
  • Predictors of the Right Time to Market
  • Management Ownership and Commitment that predicts daily and weekly productivity
  • Effective Character–Coaching for different levels of performance observed
  • Assessment and evaluation of Enterprise–Wide management policy and practices to ensure that Mission and Leadership Principles are effectively engaged.

Our Secrets of these Analytics:

  • Real-Time Scoring and Immediate Feedback
  • Measured sometimes by Total Scores, sometimes by the size of Delta scores, sometimes by Change–Over–Time scores and sometimes as single items
  • Frequency required of each subsequent re-measurement

Uses and Applications of these Analytics:

  • Key individual personal use of these analytics for personal growth and development
  • Proper understanding of Responsibility, Accountability and Power
  • Use of Design Centers to work directly with customers who will buy and not “kick the tires”.

Commonly called “The Million-Dollar Skill”

Check-it-Out (CIO) to assess your Intent versus Impact (I vs. I). Once taught, it becomes
routinely used to assure effective communications to close “Loops” and for interpersonal communication in meetings and in electronic communication. The point is to avoid costly misunderstandings by getting the answers to effective questions.

Win-Win Should Be Win+Win in Conflict/Problem Resolution

NALS™ teaches Win+Win in concept and practice is to serve both parties needs.

“And Thinking”

This teaches that there can be solutions to both Debt and Income when one alone will not solve the problem.

NALS™ teaches Escalation–For–Help–Together (EFHT)

whenever it is necessary to assure the best way to get the right people together at the right time to solve the right problem in the right time space.

NALS™ teaches Ownership versus Rationalization

Ownership is taking full responsibility, accountability and authority to deal with any situation. Rationalization is blaming others, making excuses and justifying why it can’t be done.

NALS™ teaches Management Ownership and Commitment in Four Loops of Behavior

Loop 4 is the one that needs to be eliminated because through the bad mouthing and endless complaining without working on Win+Win solutions costs approximately 60% to 90% of expense that directly affects bottom-line profit. Is eliminated by the positive practice of Loops 1-3.

NALS™ teaches CRAVE-U™

How leaders and managers act to achieve committed behavior. Care, Respect, Accept, Value, Encourage and Understand. Great leaders love their teams and when their teams feel it and know it, the leaders get it back. If they don’t the Zone of Commitment to the enterprise and the management team is dramatically diminished.

Other unique concepts and skills of NALS™ include how winners and losers act with the opportunity to select the right behavior from the Winners array. This includes Character–Coaching, a judicious blend of morals and ethics defined by Good, Right, Helpful and Better. It includes how to restore true Capitalism in its most positive ways by the enterprise led by Decent Human Beings (DHB).


NALS™ is the best way for Decent Human Beings in leadership positions to develop others like them and move onward to victory pursuing worthwhile goals with vigor and long life.