Easter 2017: A New Chance For Neutrality, Peaceful Progress, and Prosperity

(Spike is my old gang name - RGL) We Need A Plan I have sought peace and harmony by discussing subjects that some say you should never talk about . . . religion and politics. I do understand why they say this. However, I find enlightenment in … [Continue reading]

To Love or To Label . . . The “Must-Do” In Solving All Conflicts

What’s love got to do with this? Well my answer is, “Everything?” What is meant by “this” Doc? . . . Be specific! Well let me be clear . . . by “this” I mean, Everything. The Trip Toward Truth . . . The Answer A mere 57 years ago, when I was in … [Continue reading]

A Valentine’s Day Song from Dr. Richard G. Lazar

For lovers all over the world. Enjoy.   Highway To Love -Words by Dr. Richard G. Lazar, music written and performed by Cathy Launer   I get ‘High’ a different way now I’m not afraid any more I am me and you are you I … [Continue reading]