Richard G. Lazar, PhD

Chairman Emeritus The Lazar Group, Incorporated

Richard G. Lazar, PhD

Dr. Richard Lazar developed the uniquely valued New American Leadership System™. It is a complete, systematically planned program of top-down training and development for leaders, their teams and partners. The New American Leadership System™ (NALS) was refined and implemented in over thirty years of solid success within organizations across the United States and around the globe. It is a triumph for those who seek and then use its skills as the most effective ways to ensure quality and character in people and their products.

Dr. Lazar’s NALS™ approach to achieving greater market share + profit + progress + excellence in product and services provides the skill-set to restore Capitalism and jobs growth through Character-Based Management™. His CRAVE-U™ concept of mutual Caring, Respecting, Accepting, Valuing, Encouraging and Understanding has guided thousands of executives and managers. It achieves greater commitment to decisions on the part of managers and employees. NALS™ methods are based on practical ways to define, measure and systematically achieve CRAVE-U™ Victory goals for the organization, employees and partners.

Dr. Lazar has applied The New American Leadership System™ top-down at IBM, AspenTech, Tandem Computers, Genentech, American Express, Satellite Business Systems, Credit Suisse Bank, and Burlington Northern Railroad among others. He has an impressive string of successes with a wide range of industries that include senior executives, financial people, high technology teams, sales persons and branch office managers. Similar successes were achieved in law enforcement, transportation, agencies of Federal, State and Regional governments and universities. NALS was used for ten years in his MBA and BA classes at Long Island University and Mercy College. NALS training was also given at the University of Georgia and once at West Point.

He recognized that there was a need to find ways to develop collaboration within organizations and competition outside of them and not the opposite. He found that too often many organizations compete internally in ways that harm the team, the organization and people in them. He returned to NYU to work with Peter Drucker to complete his PhD, where he built a management model, Team Excellence™, around the team concept of winning sports teams.

Leaning heavily on the great coach of the Boston Celtics, Red Auerbach, who allowed Doc to model his leadership. The New American Leadership System™ technology evolved and has since worked successfully for more than 45,000 leaders and managers in the USA and abroad. Richard and Carôn Lazar have developed The New American Leadership System™ as a unique, online, easy to navigate course of study for leaders and managers. It is a cost-effective and clear top-down system to build cultures with a common language of management.

He has been a character-coach, speaker, seminar and workshop leader and a writer on various aspects of management and organizational behavior both in the Americas and abroad. His ebook, The Best Way To Fix Our Economy: Not Easy—Just Right and Best is the companion piece to the best ways to manage using The New American Leadership System™ for industry, government and labor leaders to restore American Capitalism to full bloom.

His book, Beyond 1984, with his son, M.D. Lazar, deals with how close the world has come to George Orwell’s predictions in his book 1984 (published in 1985).

He was Adjunct Professor of Management and Organizational Behavior in Long Island University’s MBA program. Dr. Lazar holds a BBA in Industrial Psychology from City University of New York, an MA in Psychology from Syracuse University and a PhD in Human and Organization Development from New York University.

Dr. Richard G. Lazar, aka Spike or Doc, was a distinguished hands-on Organizational Psychologist. At NYU he was grateful that Peter Drucker, who became his coach and friend, agreed to be his thesis advisor on the motivation of leaders and managers in R&D organizations.

The New American Leadership System™ was used in IBM by its developer Dr. Lazar, for ten years from 1968-1978. A Yale University researcher commissioned by IBM conducted research on what it took to get products out the door. After leaving IBM, the researcher met with Dr. Lazar who said, “Your name has been associated with more products that IBM has shipped than any engineer in the history of IBM. How come?” Answer, “The New American Leadership System™ and hugs.”

Dr. Lazar’s questionnaires were the studied by the VA for use in the system and they were adopted and adapted.

The Lazar Group’s interdisciplinary Character Education programs that include NALS skills and coaching received 21st Century Grants to work with At-Risk students in public schools. Where a 90% drop out rate among this population of students had been customary before the Lazar Group programs, the students that went through these programs had a 90% graduation rate.

Doc’s worldwide experience as both peacemaker and profit-maker for many companies, organizations and individuals gave impetus to important works. He has two recently released ebooks entitled The Best Way to Fix Our Economy: Not Easy—Just Right and Better, Build on Our Strengths or Lose Them Forever and Driving on the Only Road to Economic Resurgence: 17 Innovative Products for Jobs. They provide a direct path for leaders and managers to travel in the journey to prosperity and profit for all—not just a few. He details the ways people at all strata of life first built and then tore down America’s product-driven industries along with its amazing Central Productive Process™ that was the envy and light of the world.

Doc gives us strong answers through The New American Leadership System™ Character-Based Management Concepts and Skills For All Time. This mobile learning course is produced for enterprise-wide remote learning and measurement throughout an organization over a long time. He shows how managing well is a proactive solution to restoring that Central Productive Process™ and its positive innovative and economic impact.

Mere theorizing and ideological unproven opinions without successful application of right thought and right action are discarded as useless, wasteful and dangerous.

In his customary straightforward way Dr. Lazar shows how the simple truths, long obvious to him and great leaders, have been overlooked, ignored and even deliberately undermined since 1978 with the result of causing worldwide economic danger for the USA and other nations. His outstanding success-based methods all documented here show us the entire right path forward, unfettered by myth, legend and ideology.